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2 Days Kids Youth Outreach Center

We are raising money to build 2 Days Kids'  Youth Outreach Center.

Our mission is to provide nutritional meals to feed the hungry.  More 
importantly, we focus on hungry children in the community of Dallas, Texas and surrounding communities within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We know hunger affects children's focus, grades at school and in some cases behavior. Donating to help fund the building will enable us to help more children in more ways living in food insecure households.

Our purpose is to work collaboratively with individuals and other agencies to provide services that will improve 
the quality of children's lives and their families in the neighborhood and community.

Our objectives are to equip as many children in the community and surrounding rural areas with transferable, marketable working
 skills and experience to increase their ability to become successful citizens and to be able to support themselves and their families. 2 Days Kids will enhance personal skills and increase self-confidence by providing these services.


Help Support Us!


Link to the fundraiser.  For more information, you can email us at


Thank you!

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